The hacker or hackers behind the HBO data breach have posted online a publicly accessible link to a cache of internal documents, including a script summary of an upcoming Game of Thrones episode and a month’s worth of emails from the inbox of one of the company’s executives👩‍💼

The materials, which mark the first evidence that some HBO private emails are in the hands of hackers, came Monday in an email message to The Hollywood Reporter that also contained nine files with such labels as “Confidential” and “Script GOT7.” The hackers also delivered a video letter to HBO CEO Richard Plepler that says,

“We successfully breached into your huge network. … HBO was one of our difficult targets to deal with but we succeeded (it took about 6 months).”

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THR is not revealing the contents of the emails or the substance of the leaked Game of Thrones materials, which also includes marketing spreadsheets and media plans for the hit series. It’s unclear if the hackers sent the link to the materials to other media outlets or Game of Thrones fan sites.

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The confidential folder offers a screenshot of files that largely pertain to Game of Thrones and includes castings, script summaries and marketing materials, including a detailed summary of the episode that is set to air Sunday

In the letter to Plepler, which unfolds as a scroll set to ominous music, the hackers demand money (though the figure is redacted). They also claim that HBO marks their 17th target,and only three have failed to pay.


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